Negotrade LTD

Negotrade Ltd, an industry taking part in Modoux companies
Promotion and sale of complete plants, equipment and machines for the production of industrial explosives:
  • Nitration unit and auxiliary equipment for the manufacture of explosives and aromatic derivatives
  • Production units for the manufacture of dynamite, ammonite and ANFO, emulsion explosives, detonating cord, black powder, cartridging machines and mixers
  • Dynamic separators
  • Dryers

Buying and selling:

  • Chemical products such as ammonium nitrate, aluminium powder, pentrite, tetryl
  • All products for the manufacture pf industrial explosives, TNT, DNT, RDX, HMX
  • Finished products such as detonating cord, dynamite, detonators, explosives

Surface freight forwarding is available through a network of specialized agents.